Operation & Maintenance

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Operation & Maintenance

To support the delivery of a project, Maftec Enterprise undertakes site audits, inspections and maintenance...



  • Site Inspections & Maintenance

    We undertake site auditing and inspection activities where we act as client representative for the mobile operators when they are required to assess site build, quality, environmental and Health and Safety management. Our audit team can help improve contractor performance, reduce HS&E risks and liability and decrease potential service-affecting faults and operational expenditure through maintenance faults and site revisits. Since 2002, Maftec Enterprise has completed preventative and reactive maintenance on thousands of cell sites across numerous network operators site portfolios. read more about inspections and maintenance... The services we offer include: Site Health & Safety audit Property repairs (e.g. locks, roofing, doors) Periodic electrical testing Replacement of stolen lightning protection Antenna optimisation (adjustment of pan/tilt) MHA and feeder replacement Weed clearance Offices and retail outlet property refurbishment Environmental controls and alarms maintenance Battery and generator back up system installation and maintenance Duct clearance Additional hand railing Site access requests and supervised site access

  • Network Optimisation

    To ensure the best coverage, capacity and performance, Maftec Enterprise’s highly skilled engineers and project managers will work hard to optimise your network and provide a dependable service. Maftec Enterprise services include: Network drive testing and analysis Correct orientation and tilts of antennas Inspection of feeder and antenna installations and verification of test results Verify GPS coordinates Attending and auditing sites at handover meetings Inspection of all civils and electrical works Inspection of structural steelwork Full 24 hour service support centre Issuing of reports and data for recurring trends and contractor performance Re-auditing sites at re-inspection meetings

  • Decommissioning

    Decommissioning Maftec Enterprise undertakes all types of site deconstruction works from de-rigging antenna on network operators’ own sites or third party towers through to removal of large cabins and grillage off a rooftop. This is provided as a fully managed service with Maftec Enterprise responsible for all activities from instruction though to projects sign-off by the site provider and acceptance by the customer that all equipment has been recovered and accounted for. To date Maftec Enterprise have successfully decommissioned over 1,000 sites. Active areas of work Maftec Enterprise operate within are: Legal and access On receiving an instruction to decommission a site, Maftec Enterprise will check the lease agreement with the site provider and serve notice on behalf of the client to terminate the agreement. On sites owned by third parties our surveyors will give notice of termination and agree the scope of works required. Maftec Enterprise manages the relationship with the site provider from initial negations and agreement of scope of works, through to the legal transfer of ownership back to the site provider. Equipment rack recovery Maftec Enterprise’s RF kit installation engineers are trained on multi vendor equipment, including Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and Nortel, and have worked on a variety of systems. These engineers can swap out old equipment for upgrade works, and decommission and remove kit altogether. We are also able to offer RF kit reconditioning and testing services where equipment is to be reused. Antenna and Microwave recovery The rigging team will decommission Private Mobile Radio, TETRA and 2G/3G antennas, feeders and microwave links. The team can tag, log and store all recoverd antenna and microwave equipment. Power management Maftec Enterprise’s Power Management team manage the complete power supply disconnection process and arrange meter readings and termination of the power supply. Electrical works Maftec Enterprise electricians dismantle meter cabinets/distribution boards and remove all wiring as required. Any remaining circuits will be tested and certified to 17th edition. Civil works This involves dismantling any support steelwork (including entire towers) for disposal or future reuse. On greenfield sites concrete bases, fencing and equipment cabins may be removed and the site reinstated to its original condition. Waste disposal Maftec Enterprise take control of all waste disposal obligations on behalf of the customer ensuring all compliance and legal responsibilities are met. We are a registered wastes carrier in the UK, so are able to remove waste from site to minimise costs. Electrical equipment is refurbished, tested, certified and redeployed or transferred to an approved third party depending on customer requirements. Where electrical equipment cannot be reused it is disposed of as appropriate in accordance with the WEEE Directive.

  • Power Management

    Maftec Enterprise utilises its experience within the telecommunications and energy industry to provide power management services, which includes connections, disconnections, diversions/service alterations and upgrades to mobile phone operators and 3rd party network operators. It has provided this service since 2002 and to date has provided power management on over 10 sites. Maftec Enterprise provides a service second to none dealing direct with Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s) challenging contestable/non-contestable costs including unnecessary DNO network reinforcement. Maftec Enterprise also deal direct with site providers, third parties, acquisition agents, wayleave officers and contractors to provide value engineered, clear and concise information that allows our clients to make informed business decisions. Our systems, processes and procedures enable us to provide customers with the most cost effective, tightly managed and timely power connection/disconnection service.

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