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  • Acquisition and Planning

    Acquisition and Planning Maftec Enterprise provides all aspects of acquisition and planning from identifying suitable locations, negotiating with landlords and seeking planning approval to ensure the best possible site is sourced. We have broad experience of delivering high volumes of sites through the acquisition and planning programme; averaging 73 sites every month. Acquisition Prior to conducting site finding surveys, Maftec Enterprise’s Acquisition Surveyors work with our Radio Planners to fully understand coverage requirements and target areas. After carrying out further enquiries and establishing landlord/site provider interest in accommodating the site, a detailed report is produced to show various site options. Throughout the acquisition process, the Acquisition Surveyors also work closely with the in-house Planning, Design and Construction teams to ensure the best possible success rate for the selected site options. The team conduct all work in accordance with the Ten Commitments and the DCLG Code of Best Practice on Mobile Phone Network Development. Once a site has been selected, the team will finalise negotiations in the quickest possible time. Where feasible we will secure an early access undertaking to allow site works to commence as soon as possible subject to planning consent. Planning Maftec Enterprise’s Town and Country Planners conduct pre-applications and undertake all planning, prior approval submissions and presentations to Planning Committees. Animated visualisations or photo-realistic montages are produced routinely for town planners when it is important to assess the visual impact of developments. Many clients are sensitive to the impact that building and telecom projects may have on the environment and this helps to illustrate that care is being taken in designing installations for every location. The Maftec Enterprise Planning Department and Design team produce schemes that meet both clients’ operational needs and Local Planning Authority (LPA) preferences for positioning and appearance while maximising the chance of planning approval. We have designed and constructed various different solutions to minimise visual impact, such as silos, screening, trees, flagpoles, and GRP shrouding to blend in to existing building fabric. To date Maftec Enterprise have secured 3 planning approvals and legally accessed over 100 sites on behalf of mobile phone operators.

  • In-building Solutions

    Maftec Enterprise has a wide range of experience in the design and installation of neutrally hosted Pico solutions and Indoor Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) applications. Implementations have included enhancers, passive and active DAS systems from small single antenna solutions to hybrid systems across a number of buildings. The In-building team have comprehensive experience of providing solutions in airports, shopping centres, and railway stations. All of our field staff has the required competencies and all the approvals and certification for the environment in which they operate. In addition all of our staff are trained in risk assessment and site health & safety management.

  • Design and Site Surveys

    Design and Site Surveys Maftec Enterprise’s Design office ensures that site designs reflect the best interests of clients for buildability, quality, value and future network requirements in order to minimise through life costs. Every site drawing we produce is to a networks’ own respective design guides and incorporates a wide range of new build and upgrade site types, including rooftops, greenfield, streetworks, pylon and in-building. Maftec Enterprise’s experienced structural engineers can find innovative design solutions to reduce costs to clients, and sites are designed carefully to permit cost effective installations in the future. The team will gladly take on ‘difficult’ sites whose designs by others have been rejected, and re-engineer them to produce workable designs that fit clients’ cost models. Health and safety risks associated with construction or throughout the life of the site are also identified and designed out where possible; any remaining potential hazards are detailed in a Designer’s Risk Assessment. Established in 2004 our Design team, which consists of in-house engineers, CAD Technicians and Coordinators, have produced over 1000 site drawings. Site survey Maftec Enterprise has extensive experience of arranging site surveys. We undertake initial research into a site to maximise the effectiveness of the site survey and to minimise the risk of a costly aborted site. This is done by eliminating site options that would be too costly to develop or are very unlikely to succeed in securing legal access or planning approval. For new greenfield sites, a desktop study is carried out to identify likely ground conditions. The health and safety of attendees at multi-site visits (MSVs) is managed through an initial site visit risk assessment pertaining to any site specific risks. We feel this is important on both new and existing sites as it takes into account any prevailing issues at the time of the survey.

  • RF Planning

    Maftec Enterprise has many years experience and skills in radio technologies. Our multi-skilled engineering teams can deliver radio, data, transmission and power solutions. We’ve designed and optimised radio solutions for major airports, technical surveys for national cellular networks, Wi-Fi deployments for hotel chains, and canopy solutions for national events. We undertake high level network/site design to identify factors such as quantity of sites required to meet customer marketing/geographical requirements and its associated risks and costs. This is followed by a detailed network/site design to identify site configuration, capacity requirements, transmission paths, etc. We can perform deployment and integration of the full range of telecoms infrastructure. This includes core network, macro, micro, pico and femto solutions, In-building networks, WLAN Hot Spots and O&M. Qualifications include systems integration design, civil construction and electrical certificates, IEE 17th Edition and Health and Safety. Maftec Enterprise’s project list includes complete end-to-end radio planning, civil design, implementation and verification of multi-operator cellular microcell layer and WiFi networks in towns and cities.

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